How to Beat Traffic Tickets


Positively Hire a Lawyer for Your Speeding Ticket or any Traffic Ticket!


Ticket Fixer Attorney

A common question TICKET FIXER gets is: Do I REALLY need to hire a lawyer for my traffic ticket?

Read here to learn what our attorneys have to say:

1. Save time: Let me emphasize that we handle it for you. That means that after you hire us, you don’t have to go to court. We go. You don’t. That time and stress savings is usually worth most of our fee right away. We see the lines at the courthouse and the hours that people wait for their names to be called. Traffic court day (or night, for the municipalities) is a nightmare. We can help you escape that. By hiring an attorney, you will be able to save yourself from having to miss work. In almost all cases involving simple speeding tickets (under 80MPH unless you are on the interstate or going more than 25 over), an attorney can appear for you without you having to be there at all.

While you might only have to wait in line for five minutes, you might be there for three hours, because they can handle upwards of 1,000 tickets on a busy day in many courtrooms. Just depends on how many other people came at the same time you did.

With a lawyer, you will not have to even take off work. The TICKET FIXER flat rate traffic ticket lawyers will handle it all for you. You will have an attorney do everything for you.

2. Get the best deal possible: An attorney will be able to negotiate the best deal for you possible considering your driving record and any other factors that the district attorney will consider, such as weather, traffic considerations, etc. It is helpful to know what each states “standard” deals are and what options the district attorney’s office will consider. A Ticket Fixer attorney knows the procedures and maximizes all plea bargains on your behalf! An experienced traffic ticket attorney, such as the ones at TICKET FIXER, will be able to navigate those hurdles with these to help you get the best results possible.

  • • License suspension: some speeding tickets and other traffic tickets come with a mandatory license suspension regardless of whether you have any other traffic tickets on your record. If a person has more than one suspension in a 12-month period, then he or she could lose ALL DRIVING PRIVILEGES. Your TICKET FIXER traffic ticket attorney can work to negotiate your ticket to a non-suspension ticket.
  • • Demerit Points: Most traffic tickets have mandatory "demerit points," which can result in a license suspension if you accumulate too many over a 12-month period. Your TICKET FIXER traffic ticket attorney can work to negotiate your ticket to have less demerit points. This is especially important where the driver has a probationary license, as the demerit points accumulate faster than a driver with a regular license.
  • • Commercial driver's license: If you hold a commercial driver's license (CDL), then you MUST hire an experienced Your TICKET FIXER traffic ticket attorney. Certain traffic tickets can disqualify you from a CDL for a year. Repeated traffic tickets could cause a permanent or lifetime CDL disqualification. Hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney TICKET FIXER TRAFFIC ATTORNEY can protect your CDL.
  • • Insurance rate increases: Although each insurance company determines rates and premiums differently, they all agree on one thing: traffic tickets are bad for you. negotiating tickets, even for an increased fine, still saves you money. If you get a speeding ticket on your record, that will probably negatively (increase) your premium for three years! Just think — if your insurance premium goes up i.e., $25 a month because of a speeding ticket, over three years, then you just cost yourself almost a $1000 by not fighting your ticket. At Ticket Fixer, we can help you select the best traffic ticket attorney to work and negotiate your traffic ticket to a non-moving, non-traffic ordinance that the insurance company will not hold against you

Often, we get people who ask, "will I get the same result if I go by myself?" As experienced traffic ticket attorney referral service, the response is simple: "that depends." Over years and hundreds upon hundreds of traffic tickets are resolved, our Traffic Ticket attorneys we know that the prosecutors and judges well. We know how far they will bend to resolve a ticket, and what things they like to see (or not see). That experience over the years guarantees that we will get the best result for your ticket from our best Traffic Ticket Fixers...

Taken together, you should not simply pay a speeding (or other traffic) ticket. You should rely on the expertise of a traffic defense attorney to save you in both demerit points but more importantly, insurance premium fees.

3. Hiring an attorney is not as expensive as it sounds! save money! On most traffic tickets when you factor in court costs and paying for a driving history, the actual cost of hiring an attorney is under $200 for a simple speeding ticket. Of course, if you were going over 80 miles an hour, or this is the third ticket in six months, then the fees might be a little bit more. However the fees will still be much cheaper than risking it and ending up paying increased insurance for three years after conviction! This is especially true if you have multiple prior tickets. A typical cost for a traffic ticket in any US state is around $400 (plus or minus depending on speed, fines, etc.).

You’ll pay around $188 in court costs, $25 fine, $50 improper equipment fee… ALL of that money you will spend even if you do it yourself. That’s a total of $263 to the courthouse most likely. You’ll pay around $5-20 to pull your driving record (because the DA doesn’t want to do your work for you), which leaves around $100 to $150 for the attorney. Compare that to paying even just $25/more per month in car insurance – you’ll spend almost a thousand dollars more for insurance over the next three years. Not to mention things like unpaid time off work (or having to take hard earned paid time off), plus hassle, inconvenience, having to find parking and deal with the courthouse…The obvious. Hire a FLAT RATE TRAFFIC TICKET attorney and find that lawyer on https://www.ticketfixer.com